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Please read these important details about residential services

• UNLIMITED INTERNET USAGE: All Internet services are currently unlimited, however, Internet services in Canada are regulated by CRTC and as such subject to change. Usage limits on Internet services may be introduced without notice based on laws, regulations and market conditions.

• 911 LIMITATIONS - IMPORTANT: VoIP (Digital Phone Services) have some important LIMITATIONS including 911 service limitations. For your safety, please click here to review these limitations.

• CANCELLATIONS: Accounts will be cancelled on the day you ship or return hardware to our office. If you currently do not use KELCOM owned hardware for your services, you can request instant cancellation over the phone.

• CANCELLATION FEE (INTERNET SERVICES ONLY): Due to increased cost to provide services, cancellation fee of $50+HST will be charged for all accounts cancelled within first 12 months from the date of the service start or discounted price renewal. Services on a 2 year contracts will be subject to a $100+HST cancellation fee, and services on a 3 year contract, will be charged a $150+HST cancellation fee.

• UNRETURNED EQUIPMENT: Accounts will be subject to a charge of $149+HST per device that is unreturned. Accounts will be subject to a charge of $39+HST for Gateway power cord that is unreturned. You will be required to return the equipment within 30-days of the final bill for a full refund of the equipment charge.

• CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS: Monthly payments can be made via automatic deduction from your credit card (Mastercard, Visa, American Express). Prepaid credit cards or debit cards are not accepted at this time. Declined credit card payments are subject to a $25 NSF fee and account closure without further notice. All past due accounts are subject to 3% late processing fee on overdue balances.

• PREAUTHORIZED PAYMENT FROM BANK ACCOUNT: Monthly payments can also be made via automatic deduction from your bank account. Monthly $1.99 PAP fee applies. A PAP form from your bank is required to set-up this option. Account must be in the name of the person ordering services. Declined PAP payments are subject to a $45 NSF fee and account closure without notice. All past due accounts are subject to 3% late processing fee on overdue balances. After initial PAP set-up, any changes to the payment date, including delay of payment, is subject to $10 admin fee. Any changes to PAP payment plan require a minimum of 5 business days notice.

• ANNUAL PREPAID PAYMENTS: Annual payments can be made via cheque, money order, cash/debit (in store only), credit card and online banking (Credit Unions, BMO, TD). Declined payments are subject to a $45 NSF fee and account closure without notice. All past due accounts are subject to 3% late processing fee on overdue balances.

• RESTORING SERVICES AFTER CANCELLATION DUE TO NON-PAYMENT: We reserve the right to refuse account reactivation for any account previously suspended for non-payment. If account is allowed to be reactivated, a $100 reactivation fee applies, in addition to any regular service activation fees.

• REFUNDS: Refunds for payments made by credit/debit card will be made to the same credit/debit card within 10 business days (debit card refunds can only be done in person). All other refunds, including refunds for preauthorized payments via chequing account, cash and cheque payments will be made by cheque within 4-6 weeks.

• TECHNICAL ISSUES WITH YOUR EQUIPMENT MAY INCUR A $95 CHARGE FROM OUR SUPPLIER: While we provide free support for our services, due to new CRTC regulations, if you have a technical issue with your DSL or Cable service and a trouble ticket is open with our supplier, a fee of $95 will apply if the issue is caused by an internal malfunction (internal wiring, computer equipment, router, etc.).

• TAX: A 13% HST tax is applicable.

Satellite TV details

• Satellite TV services are provided by and billed for by Shaw Direct.

• Shaw Direct TV requires initial deposit of $50 charged to your credit card. This deposit will be credited to your first month bill.

• First bill from Shaw Direct will include first and second month of service, any applicable taxes and fees as well as $50 deposit credit (if one was charged during sign-up process).

• To receive $10 off Internet services, you must order new KELCOM Internet services and have active Shaw Direct service for the duration of the discount (12 months).

• Shaw Direct services are billed by Shaw Direct and charged to customers credit card and transaction is processed separately from KELCOM services. After initial payment, call Shaw Direct to set-up paper or email billing.

• KELCOM does not provide any guarantee of service, technical support or any other guarantee for Shaw Direct services.

• Shaw Direct Services come with NO CONTRACT, but you must call Shaw Direct 1-888-554-7827 to cancel your TV subscription.

• By ordering Shaw Direct Satellite TV services, you agree to abide by Shaw Direct Terms & Conditions of service as listed here (PDF FORMAT):

• Installations to properties own by a third party require signed Property Owner Release Form.