Security Cameras

Lorex is not the only system we can install and maintain but we do want to sell you the best product at a great price and that is easy to use. We have been selling and installing Lorex systems because of the quality and reliability of their product

Some of the product details below

HD Viewing and Recording

First to market with DIY high definition surveillance cameras, we offer several security cameras that provide image quality worthy of an HDTV. Ideal for business security, our cameras capture a remarkable level of detail, with crisp, clear HD video in all lighting conditions.

A new level of detail and clarity

Give yourself the best chance to capture the details you need. 2K security cameras record in a much higher resolution compared to 1080p and will provide you with sharper video. This additional resolution is especially useful if you need to zoom in on distant objects when analyzing footage.

30 FPS recording

IP security systems such as this can handle recording at high frame rates. A high frame rate will deliver smooth on-screen movement during live-views and playback and can help you capture the best moments if you ever need to provide a snapshot for evidence. This is simply because there are more frames available to choose from. This system can record 2K footage at 20 frames per second (FPS) or record at a real-time 30 FPS in 1080p HD.

See in the dark with outstanding night vision

Lorex's color night vision (CNV) technology can take your night vision security coverage one step further. Both sets of security cameras will deliver full color video, even in low-light conditions. This unique feature provides an extra level of visual detail that can help identify people (or objects such as cars) throughout the night. (Click for video) (To see other Camera videos click here)

Stay Connected

Your security system will always be with you thanks to our innovative mobile app. You can access your live feed anytime, from anywhere, with your smartphone or tablet. This means that you can be on the go and still be in the know at all times. Motion detectors can trigger push notifications or email alerts, which allows you to stay on top of what's going on in and around your office. This also puts you in a better position to take control of the situation.